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Developing legacy duck hunting properties

White Oaks Recreational Land Development is a development company founded, owned, and operated by Jeff Farmer. We are dedicated to searching out and purchasing raw tracts of land that can be developed and restored into excellent duck habitats. This is a labor of love that started 13 years ago with a 1,400-acre farm on the Black River and has since grown to include 6 different farms. The crown jewel of these properties is White Oaks Duck Woods—a 4,300 restoration and conservation project nestled along the banks of the White River in Woodruff County, Arkansas.

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Our Core Values


White Oaks is committed to the conservation and development of duck habitats, and with properties spanning hundreds and thousands of acres, there’s plenty of room for supporting the abundant deer and turkey populations, as well. We believe strongly in supporting healthy ecosystems that thrive so that families and hunters far into the future can enjoy this sport that we’ve come to love so much.


Where would we be without the friends and family who have surrounded us with support and love? From young to old, the dream of the perfect hunt binds together hunters and explorers across the world, and we cherish the communities that we’ve helped build.


We don’t step lightly on our beautiful properties. Each crisp morning and peaceful sunset reminds us just how tremendous of a blessing our Earth is. From the ancient oak and cypress trees to miles of contiguous bottomland forest, we stay in awe of the marvels of nature.

The White Oaks Roots

White Oaks Recreational Land Development started with a passion for building and developing a world class duck hunting destination. After spending years hunting the public lands of northeast Arkansas, Jeff took the plunge and bought 1,400 acres beautifully situated adjacent to the Black River and Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area. The farm was raw, unimproved, and managed solely for maximum cash crop production. Jeff proceeded to take the entire farm OUT of crop production and develop the entire farm for ducks and other wildlife habitat. Thousands upon thousands of trees were planted, fields were leveled, and miles of underground irrigation pipe was installed. The farm was set up to hold an artificial flood on newly planted trees as desired. Within a few short years this farm consistently held tens of thousands of mallards each fall and winter—and still does to this day. Seeing the success of this project and his love for building and restoring habitat, Jeff decided to reproduce this success and build more projects on a larger scale. With Jeff’s purchase of 2,400 acres of hardwood timber along the banks of the White River, Jeff started on his second major habitat development and restoration project. White Oaks Duck Woods and White Oaks Recreational Land Development were born.

Our Industry Experience

The first property that Jeff developed into a waterfowl paradise is now owned by Stan Jones and is an integral part of the Stan Jones Mallard Lodge, the finest duck hunting outfitting operation in Arkansas. Since Jeff’s success with this property, Jeff has successfully developed an additional five properties for waterfowl habitat and hunting. His properties span over 9,000 acres and have each proven to be world class duck hunting.

Total Acreage Developed and Conserved 9,080
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