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White Oaks Recreational develops world-class hunting properties located throughout the heart of the largest flyway for wintering mallards. Our farms are meticulously managed for ducks—not for typical cash crop farming. The result: thousands of acres of prime habitat developed, restored, and conserved with one goal in mind… creating unparalleled wildlife meccas that will be treasured for generations.

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All of our properties at White Oaks Recreational Land Development include tracts of mature, controllable, floodable timber and adjacent tillable ground that can be used as food sources and rest areas; holding spectacular numbers of ducks in the area for extended periods of time. By doing this we create excellent opportunities to have consistent world class hunting in the flooded timber—every waterfowler’s ultimate hunt. At White Oaks Recreational Land Development, we strive to build properties where that ultimate hunt can be experienced on a consistent basis.


"Experiencing White Oaks Duck Woods is, aside from my family, the greatest treasure of my life. From the first sunrise and every moment I’ve been afforded on the property since, it exudes a sense of being in a dream."

Keith P. Allen

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