White Oaks Duck Woods

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White Oaks Duck Woods is the mec­ca for duck hunt­ing. A world-class duck hunt­ing prop­er­ty, White Oaks Duck Woods has 1,700 acres of mature tim­ber, includ­ing over 1,650 acres that can be con­trol­lably flooded.


Approximate Acreage: 3,250 Acres of Mature Timber: 1,700 Location: Augusta, Arkansas
flying ducks Duck Hunting at White Oaks Duck Woods

Beautifully nestled between the White River and Taylor Bay, White Oaks Duck Woods is the premier location in the United States (and perhaps even in the world) for duck hunting. Hundreds of acres of mature timber, which can be controllably flooded, provide ideal environmental conditions for ducks, including multiple rest areas and 150 acres of food plots.

The property has been developed to include a 5,000 sq. ft. lodge, a large equipment barn with a 1,200 sq. ft. apartment on the upper floor, and a solar-powered grid with a backup generator. Over seven miles of gravel roads have been built to help make the property easily traversable. The lodge sits along Taylor Bay, allowing the property to be used as a lakehouse during the summer.

Standing high above the property is a 50-foot observation tower, complete with a bar, couches, satellite TV, grill and picnic tables, and walk-around patios.

Visitors can enjoy beautiful views, unmatched duck hunting, and excellent deer and turkey hunting. White Oaks Duck Woods is meticulously managed for duck habitation and duck hunting. There’s simply nowhere else like it.

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Augusta, Arkansas

Augusta is located along the banks of the White River, approximately 75 miles northeast of Little Rock and 75 miles northwest of West Memphis. The scenic town is well-known for fishing, boating, and hunting along the bays and forests surrounding the tranquil White River.

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