White Oaks Duck Woods Beedeville

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With 100 acres of mature, flood­able tim­ber, White Oaks Duck Woods Beedev­ille is locat­ed direct­ly adja­cent to the famous Riv­er Oaks Farm (also known as Canale’s), which holds tens of thou­sands of ducks through­out the sea­son. White Oaks Duck Woods Beedev­ille also sits just east of a fed­er­al rest area on the Cache Riv­er and has 140 acres of lev­eled rice fields.


Approximate Acreage: 240 Acres of Mature Timber: 100 Location: Beedeville, Arkansas
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Located along the Cache River, White Oaks Duck Woods Beedeville includes 240 acres of prime duck-hunting habitat, with 100 acres of mature timber that can be controllably flooded on demand with electric wells. The remaining 140 acres are precision leveled rice fields bordering the mature timber creating ideal rest areas adjacent to the the woods. White Oaks Duck Woods Beedeville also sits adjacent to the Cache River in an area the holds thousands of ducks and is subject to massive volumes of duck traffic. With a federal rest area located directly to the west of the property on the west side of the Cache River, and the rest area at Canale's bordering this property to north, White Oaks Duck Woods Beedeville is located in the heart of a duck traffic hot spot in northeast Arkansas. With plenty of food in the adjacent fields to hold birds in the area, these woods are an ideal spot to hunt mallards searching for some timber after feeding all night. Additionally, this property has excellent deer hunting. It is common for several 150-170" deer to use the property each year. In fact we have hundreds of pics of a 190" monster that ended up being killed by the neighbor. For a couple of serious duck and deer hunters or for a club looking to add some timber to their hunting options, this farm is an ideal place to add to the portfolio.

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Beedeville, Arkansas

Beedeville, AR is superbly located between the major waterfowl flyways of the Cache River and Bayou DeView. It sits beautifully in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres of crop ground frequented by wintering waterfowl. This crop ground combined with its proximity to the Cache River, means that Beedeville is always in the “heart” of the migration.

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