White Oaks Black River

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White Oaks Black Riv­er stretch­es across 443 beau­ti­ful acres and is a rare tro­phy water­fowl prop­er­ty that pro­vides year round activ­i­ties. Aside from the green tree reser­voir, White Oaks Black Riv­er has an inten­sive­ly man­aged, 30 acre stocked bass, crap­pie and bream pond, excel­lent deer hunt­ing and a new 1500 sf lodge.


Approximate Acreage: 443 Acres of Mature Timber: 400 Location: McDougal, Arkansas
flying ducks 443 acre duck farm for lease

Located just off the Black River in Clay County, Arkansas, White Oaks Black River is comprised of 443 including a green tree reservoir consisting of mature timber that can be flooded on demand through an electric well. Additionally, there are 25 acres of rest areas planted in waterfowl food plots and maintained for ideal duck habitat. We recently laid several thousand feet of 12" underground pipe complete with risers in front of the main 3 blinds in the woods. This allows us allowing us to irrigate and grow the food plots (rice) while not flooding the woods in the summer. Additionally, the risers in the woods allow us to keep the popular hunting holes open in the woods during a hard freeze by simply turning on the electric wells. This is truly a remarkable amenity.

The property is fully renovated with a 1,500 sq. ft. lodge and an on-site, 30-acre pond that is home to trophy bass, bream, and crappie and was designed and managed by Southern Pond Management. A nearby state highway provides easy access to the property, and the area boasts an impressive history of duck and deer hunting.

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McDougal, Arkansas

McDougal, AR is ideally located just minutes away from the Black River and the famous Black River Wildlife Management Area. Black River WMA is a 25,000-acre WMA managed specifically for wintering waterfowl habitat and waterfowl hunting. The large rest areas afforded wintering waterfowl at Black River WMA insure that huge numbers of waterfowl are held in the area throughout duck season. McDougal’s close proximity to Black River WMA leads to hunting in the area that is consistent and high quality.

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We will be leasing out this property for the upcoming hunting season. The lease includes access to the 1500 sf three bedroom lodge that was completed in January. It also includes the rights to fish the stocked pond from now through the end of duck season, deer hunting for the upcoming season, and of course exclusive duck hunting rights.

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